Mulberry berries bars Saintly with figs 20g


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What is more saint than the sweetest though sugarless berry?

Snowy mountain peaks, warmth of blinding sun and fresh breeze is the heaven on earth where Pamir mulberries grow. Blessed are those who can taste this not guilty pleasure.



Components: dried mulberry berries (75%), dried figs (25%).

Mulberry berries grown in Pamir Mountains located in Central Asia. Dried berries pressed to bars.

Components: dried mulberry berries (100%).

Non-GMO, gluten free, no heavy metals.
Natural sugars. High fiber bars.
Keep in dry and cool place.

Nutritional value 100 g 20 g
Calories 1052 kJ (251.4 kcal) 210 kJ (50.28 kcal)
Total fat 0.85 g 0.17 g
Total carbohydrate 66.55 g 13.31 g
Sugars 26.18 g 5.24 g
Dietary Fiber 16.98 g 3.40 g
Protein 3.9 g 0.78 g

Saturated fat and salt can be found.


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